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Annual Corporate Retreats are an excellent opportunity for organizations to come together, learn from each other, discover new routes, discuss issues, find solutions and create new ideas, answers and more questions, empowering people to a more responsible and effective communication, developing an excellent working environment.


With an annual retreat, annual offsite, corporate conference, company anniversary celebration, we can help you grow as a leader with your whole team, building professional and personal relationships and enhancing the Esprit de Corps.


We design and deliver Retreat Workshops for the United Nations (Washington), UNFPA | United Nations Population Fund (Ecuador), PAHO | Pan American Health Organization (Colombia), UNICEF LACRO, UNICEF Panama Regional Office, DED | Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst, Nipro Medical Corporation (Japan, USA & LATAM), Syngenta Crop Protection (Ecuador and Peru), Coca Cola (Peru), AT&T and many other Governmental, ONG and Corporate Organizations.


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Teamwork is vital to the success of all corporate organizations. Most people are aware that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts", but how many are really involved in the synergy process after changes?


In these powerful sessions, your people will learn and apply strategies on how to develop and maintain productive and high performance teams. This process begins understanding the key factors of collaboration, cooperation, communication & cohesiveness, you are just one team.



This is a unique experience!

Thanks to Ernesto and his team, UNFPA Ecuador goes on the way to meet the excellence, with the teamwork spirit!




Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Anuales Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worlswide Inc.





General Objectives


• Open communication lines and build confidence, and trust.


Apply the Team Synergy Process for more results & less frustration, establishing Rapport and understanding, between each other.


Build teams that Trust and Produce.


To develop collaborative teamwork and encourage sharing best practices through Experiential Learning.


Understanding that the changes will take us to new tasks and more responsibilities.


To enhance interpersonal working relationships through appreciation of  each individual’s personality preferences.


To build camaraderie and team spirit.


To participate in a shared experience, inspires the team to work together, toward the same common goals and objectives.


Coming together is a Beginning; Keeping together is Progress; Working together is Success!


Help to understand and capitalize on Differences.


Teams will participate in fun, memorable, hands-on, and challenging activities. Participants learn how they and others currently contribute to the team and explore ways to concretely improve this contribution back in the workplace.



High Perfomance Teams at Annual Retreats | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc. 



Thematic Axes


Subjects covered may include:

• Confidence and Trust

• Focus

• Conflict management

• Communication Skills

• Finding solutions

• Teamwork

• Decision making

• Risk taking

• Working environment

Strategic & Alignment Planning

Engagement & Empowerment


LATAM meeting


Corporate Annual Retreats | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc. Corporate Annual Retreats | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc. Corporate Annual Retreats | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.




From 1 full-journey to 3 full-journeys. Recommended as Residential Program.



Workshops, Theoretical, Role-playing and Experiential Learning, developing Team Building activities, based in the process "Learning by doing" with a combination of game activities, Debriefing Sessions.


Tell me and I'll forget…  

show me and I may remember…  

involve me and I'll understand!


The andragogycal methodologies that we put on practice, enriches the journeys making interactive sessions, competitive, funny and very productive, achieving objectives with action commitments.


Aprendizaje Experiencial



Initiatives and games

Activities’ planning is designed to fit your exact needs, by Framing, that is the way in which each activity is introduced. The four possible types of frames are: Fantasy, Reality, Contextual and Isomorphic.


High Perfomance Teams at Annual Retreats | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.

Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.  Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.  Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.



Agenda example

08h30 - 08h40 |  Organization Officer´s Welcome and Introduction

08h40 - 08h50 |  Trainer´s Welcome

08h50 - 09h10 |  Agenda, Methodology presentations, Agreements

09h10 - 10h40 |  First session (One activity)

10h40 - 11h00 |  Coffee-Break

11h00 - 13h00 |  Second session ( Two activities more)

13h00 - 14h15 |  Lunch time

14h15 - 15h40 |  Third session (One activity more)

15h40 - 16h00 |  Coffee-Break

16h00 - 16h40 |  Closing session

16h40 - 17h00 |  Sharing Learning & Commitments

17h00 - 17h15 |  End of the journey


When and where

Implementamos los programas donde estes!!!Ready to coordinate the dates. We go where you need us, worldwide!

Los Talleres Experienciales los desarrollamos en toda Hispano-América


D&D | Design & Delivery

Corporate Annual Retreats | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.The workshops are designed and delivered by a trainers team led by Ernesto Yturralde Tagle, Trainer, Consultant & Researcher,  D&D, Mentor/Coach, Associate Member of the ACCT | Association for Challenge Course Technology, Member of AEE | Association for Experiential Education Founder Member of IFS | IFSociety Sociedad Internacional de Facilitadores. Ernesto Yturralde obtained in Texas his "Challenge Course Facilitator Technical Skills Certification", he is a Certified Master Trainer. Certified Outdoor Trainer, he is recognized as a forerunner of the methodology of experiential learning in America with a history of more than 30 years, since 1985.


He is the creator of the Debriefing Cards © System and the Debriefing Balls © System to elicit and facilitate Debriefing Sessions, and the creator of the Yturralde´s Debriefing Model: Debriefing of the 4 Elements.


Ernesto Yturralde: Conferencista Internacional del AñoErnesto has specialized in Andragogy and Experiential Learning. He has participated in many seminars and trainings at Bogotá, San José de Costa Rica, Miami, Jacksonville, Boston, Las Vegas, Denver, México D.F., Guadalajara, Lima, Curitiba and São Paulo.  In 1994 he shared Management training with Peter F. Drucker and professional meetings in Brazil.  In 1995 he traveled to Japan and Korea to keep corporate visits and meetings at Sony, Nissan Motor Co., Mitsubishi Corporation and Samsung, to evaluate the oriental philosophy culture.


He is an International Keynote Speaker with topics related to Soft-Skills, Leadership, Team Building, Customer Service Excellence, and Sales. He had spoken to audiences of Universities and Enterprises in 16 countries: USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay.


Workshop language

The language of the workshop is Spanish or English, however, a simultaneous translation could be available into English if you consider it necessary.   Because of the methodology, the sessions are activity based, (70%).  Ernesto Yturralde, the Trainer, speaks a very good English, some debriefing sessions can be driven in English, or Spanish to keep the powerful 100% communication impact.


Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.  Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.  Corporate Annual Retreats | Retiros Corporativos | Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc.

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or half journey


**USD. 250.00 per person, and per day

with a minimum of 15 pax

  ** The amount does not include tickets, hotels or food services. Facilities costs are not included.





Payment terms

We require the Purchase Order and Billing Data. We will proceed to issue the invoice. The payment of 60% by bank transfer is required, and 40% will be paid upon completion of the contracted day(s) via transfer to the same account. Will be billed by Ernesto Yturralde Worldwide Inc. or IFSociety Corp. The amounts are net, after deduction of local taxes if applicable. The invoice is issued from USA, State of Florida.


In the case of United Nations agencies and government agencies, we align to the payment policies.


The above-mentioned amounts include instructional design and delivery. Costs of facilities / locations, complementary food services for participants or our team are not included; neither logistics nor transportation costs, lodging, food. We recommend consider our arrival at least 24 hours before the start and return, a day after the last session of each workshop or contracted module.



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